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An entertaining & eductaional way to explore New Castle while matching wits with spies of the Revolutionary War

About Liberty & Intelligence

A New, Fun Look at New Castle

Liberty and Intelligence, developed and offered by the New Castle Historical Society, invites you to look at New Castle in a new way: as a Revolutionary War era spy trying to get the upper hand on loyalist intelligence. Many different systems of coded language existed during the American Revolution—in this tour, you will discover missing codes New Castle’s own cipher book and help to get to the bottom of why American intelligence in New Castle keeps falling into the hands of British officials. Along the way, you will learn about the Revolutionary War from the perspective of New Castle’s residents, who were admittedly split on the issue of independence. 


Described as "an escape room in a box," this experience is purchased for $35 as a kit that you may complete at any time, or even gift to others. Liberty and Intelligence is a fun and entertaining game that can be completed at whatever pace you prefer! It is available at the New Castle Visitor Center at the Arsenal. 



Some common questions about Liberty & Intelligence

Q: What is the intended age range for this activity?

A: Liberty and Intelligence is intended for ages 10 and up, but children may require an adult’s help on certain puzzles. 


Q: How many people should be in a group?

A: There is no official minimum or maximum, but this activity functions best with 2 to 6 people. 


Q: What do I do with the kit when the activity is complete?

A: You get to keep everything in the kit! If you’d like to use your kit again, the New Castle Historical Society can reset it for you at a reduced fee of $20. 


Q: What if I get stuck on one of the puzzles or steps?

A: This site has a series of clues to help you along, in addition to a full solution set (but we highly recommend avoiding this!). You may also get a better sense of where the puzzles lead by reading ahead in the kit.


Q: Can I do this activity in any order I choose?

A: We do not recommend attempting to complete this kit out of the order that the riddles and documents lead you. Since the activity builds on itself, you may become confused if you don’t follow everything in order. 

Q: How long does this activity take to complete?

A: Depending on group size, Liberty and Intelligence takes approximately 90 minutes from start to finish.

Q: How difficult is this activity to complete?

A: Liberty and Intelligence is designed to challenge participants without frustrating them. The activity prompts you to think carefully and apply a number of observational and puzzle solving skills, but is intended to be straightforward. Clues and riddles help you along during the activity, and extra clues and solutions are available on this website, if needed.

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